About Jess

I've been a freelance artist since 1990. I started my career as a makeup artist living and working in Germany, mostly in the music business. 
I have had a wonderful career till now and have travelled the world with my celebrity clients .Over the years I have branched out into  costume and fashion design, bodypainting, sculpture and I still love to try new things, the latest being photography and my newest very venture taxidermy.

I have returned to the U.K and now live in Brighton by the sea.

I am an ideas person and delight when I am involved in a project from it's earliest stages as I can bring in my ideas and give my client something really special.
As I work in various fields, it's not unusual for me to do the styling,makeup AND photography on an image and hence some of my photos appear in several galleries. That's really because I did it all!

I also love making people look beautiful and creating beautiful things to make them stand out and reflect their inner glory.

Let me help you, your event or your project stand out from the rest. Give me a ring for a no obligation chat. I'd love to hear from you.