The EatonNott shop/studio - home of 'Roadkill Couture'


I am soon to be opening a shop/studio in Brighton with my dear friend Jon Nott. We will be selling bespoke pieces and objects,strange and beautiful things we find, Victoriana ,oddities,antiques and unusual conversation pieces for your home.
We will also be selling my Roadkill Couture exclusively from EatonNott.
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Roadkill Couture is a collection of garments that I have created using the pelts and feathers of animals that have died of natural causes,been victims of Roadkill, killed and consumed as food or been donated by pest control.
ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMAL WAS HARMED OR KILLED FOR THIS COLLECTION, all materials used would normally be burned, rot away orland in the bin as waste. 
They have been found and donated by friends and family or I bought them at the butcher and I have processed each and every one myself.
The collection will hopefully give people food for thought on lots of different levels and give a further life to beautiful things we normally discard.

YouTube Video

Roadkill Couture by Garage Studios Brighton

Roadkill Couture @ BFW2011