My name is Jess (previously known as Jez) and I am a freelance designer working in the areas of bespoke accessory, fashion and costume design . I am also a professional makeup artist & bodypainter.

I am at present starting a partnership with fellow artist Jon Nott, collecting and creating things of beauty or strange origin ranging from skulls to antiques to be sold from our base in Brighton.My latest project 'Roadkill Couture' was a roaring success at this years Brighton Fashion Week and we received a standing ovation! Roadkill Couture is a collection of garments created out of animal pelts and feathers from animals that have died of natural causes,been consumed as food or donated by pest control. Absolutely no animal was harmed or killed for ANY of these garments . Check out the photos and the trailer to get the whole Roadkill story. The pieces are available exclusively from the EatonNott shop/studio! 

Feel free to browse my images and please get in touch if I can create something for you to make you, your event or clients stand out from the crowd.
It would be a pleasure to help you .